wasco OPTORE-16

Photo Found this card on willhaben.at (basically my local craigslist) for around €20. The manual could easily be found here (I do have a copy, if the site ever goes dry). Unfortunately the drivers are behind a contact us wall, I had not bothered to try that yet.

I got the OPTORE-16 standard which does not come with fancy leds and an i8255 But after a little probing and datasheet it was clear how to get Blinkenlichten:

First solder a 2x4 Header into JP25, the 4 jumpers enable 8 i/o leds each, giving 32 in total. Then RA100, RA108, RA21 and RA22 need a resistor network. I put in sockets to change them easily whilst testing. Then put in some LEDs, first I deliberated going with blue/white but then decided to go with period specific red/yellow:) If you do this, test with one LED first if you got the orientation right. I found 470 Ohm resistors to give enough brightness. If you dont have resistor networks you can use regular wire resistors and solder them "shoulder on shoulder" except for pin 1 which is just the upper wires.