Oscilloscope Homebrew Project

I am about to make my dream of a selfmade scope come true and go to collect my findings, ideas and testresults here:

*Sawtooth generator driven with a microcontroller or similar
Nah, it will be a classic anyway µC isn’t fast enough
*Cockcroft–Walton generator to make the needed -2000VDC (Kathode) and 200VDC (Plates)
Proven to work
*Input amp somehow Voltage protected
Varistors maybe?
*Avoid rotary switches
There’ll be one!
*find out if DC heater voltage has negative side effects
Nope – works fine!



TheDevil639 on youtbe kindly sent me a schematic for a heater slowstarter (find it
here).    I think that I will build this up first and test the tune with a proto-psu.

First proto-build up has proven unsuitable so far, I will have to modify the circuit more or less to get my desired results.




-X mV to X V
-Voltage divider
-Plate amp


-Heater 6,3 V / 600 mA
-HV (1700 – 2700 V)
-Logic Levels 5V
-Analog +-15V
-Voltage check

The Videos so far:

AE EP#20 Industrial Controller Teardown & Homebrew Scope Ideas

AE EP#29 Oscilloscope Project: The heat is on!

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