555 Contest entry

pic of the 4kv generator

I ordered a russian scope tube some weeks ago but it didn’t arrive yet. Yesterday I thougt, I could use something like 4kV to test the thing when it finally arrives. I looked through my options and ended up with a NE555 solution. And when I yanked up a schematic today I listened to the Amp Hour where they were talking about their 555-contest to be ending on march 1st so I figured to speed my project up and make an entry:

Here’s a little vid first:

The board:

The PCB explained

Unfortunately I had do divert from my original Idea of using a 2n3055 transistor – the tractor under the transistors – because i didnt think of the necassery driving power so I had to use some modern day FET.

Lets have a look on the Waveform:

first is the 555s output after the protection restistor

nice looking

here the FET drivers output:

still nice looking

at the driver-FET:

starting to look messy

and the transformer connector:


The funny thing was, that at some point, that I unforunately didn’t capture the last waveform changed into 3 perfect sine waves on top of each other. Does anyone have an idea what that coult have been? And it still works – strange.

Some words on the contest:

I Just love the idea of a community-driven contest. And I know, that my project is not a winner but I wanted to be a part of such a great event. Thanks for your great work!

My original circuit(do NOT use, they WON’T work)



thanks for stopping by

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