There shall be booze!

And I had some more time on my hand to visit the legen-wait for it-dairy roböxotica. Where a lot of fine folks work on making Asimov’s vision come true.
So lets just start at the entrance:
The Cock’s Bar was right behind the door after you ascended to the second floor.

I only saw this later this evening, therefor not so many tech-pix, more the sheer coolness of the robots:

Bodysnatchers anyone?

The whole thing didn’t just looks as creepy as these pics:) I liked the machine (they had a very sophisticated set-up only the drink was a little too sweet and too strong for my taste but they made up by manually manually tweaking my drink. No! not what you mean the guy at the MASCHIENENKONSOLE (sorry folks, couldn’t keep names that night 😉 put some numbers in his laptop and there i got some extra orange juice!

Then my lady and me stumbled across the LoveBot 4000 where we got cranberry-vodka shots when we kissed before it. Awesome idea Folks!
Sorry folks, the only pic I got shows two friends of mine and I don’t show their image without consent.

Next up was the MELMACC, and I had at least 4 drinks made by it and I have to say, the night went blurry from there on.

Sheer awesomeness.

And not only does it make your drink it like above, no no no, it makes it anti-Bond style with an extra: The straw gets a sticker with the drinks name on it and if you ordered from facebook you’d get your username on it too!

…and it’s brains are running on some fpga and an eee-PC. Where could you go wrong? Some guy said that they were rocking the party for years with this incredible machine.

And finally the weirdest of all: Reverse Miracle by Veronika Krenn and Oliver Kellow.

They made the miracle of converting perfectly good wine to water possible. In a two-step process first the alcohol is evaporated chilled through a water-cooled pipe and collected in a glass container. When the evil spirits are gone, a little turntable turns and purified water leaves the pipe: Reverse miracle!

Tough I had a great time, I had to move on to a birthday party – and well lets just say I only had two beers there :)….

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