AE EP#49 The Hardware of vieHAB-1

This is the promised Video about the vieHAB-1 Hardware. It has lots of problems, mainly everything was made into one system. In the end we had no SD logging because the atmega328 didn’t have enough memory. Our friends from STS-project already solved this with using a secondary processor with an SD card.

I will make a new system with seperated functions and better power supply. This time I will take every time it needs ti make it (this time we had a fixed date and wanted to get this going :))

AE EP#48 The Launch of vieHAB-1

It was finally done! The whole setup reached a total height of 36000 m (118000 ft).
We set off at 00:15 from Vienna and reached Povozany (SK) at 02:15. After a bit of socializing with our slovakian friends from STS Project I set off to make the radio work and do some other bits in software.
Launch was at 06:45 Local.
Have fun with the flightvideo:

I’ll have some more next week on the hardware itself,
until then,
your AE

Space Rhythm 1 (Secret Circuit) / CC BY 3.0
Space Rhythm 2 (Secret Circuit) / CC BY 3.0

Vienna High Altitude Balloon entry #5 T-06:30:00

First off, sorry for my not keeping you up to date, finishing the payload just took precedence over posting.
We set off to Slovakia on sat 30.8.2013 at 00:00 to meet the awesome guys from 2 hours later. We arrived at 02:30 and I had to finish the payload since our radio burned some days earlier (our replacement did unfortunately not arrive in time, no hard feelings tho:). Dano resoldered their RFB22B on our break-out board nad I started to set it up to transmit at 300 bd at 438.020 MHz int RTTY. locally it worked well but I made a huge mistake…

Fist some pre flight pics:

My first received telemetry:
The reset circuit is in place:
First assemled:
Put it together on-site:
the STS project was nice enough to lend us a backup tracker – their v2 version:
to calculate lift and filling it is important to weight the complete setup:
the guys filled the balloons:
while I was playing waiting:
prepare for launch
after launch I got no seat in a SAR-car so I had to track them and the balloons at our launch-pad:
the waiting game
Because I am an ass, you will have to wait for pics of the launch and rescue. I’ll have the video complete asap but I had a 36 hour day doing this and my flat looks like fallout after the building. All I say is that I made a terrible mistake (STUPID BITS!!!!!!!) and without the help of STS project we would have failed 100% so its only ~66%..

thanks for tuning in!