Vienna High Altitude Balloon entry #4 Board Etched

So first we got the bare board, etched with NaPS and toner transfer:

The whole thing is kinda like a mainboard, processor socket and expansion cards:

Boards in place from left to right: Arduino, SPI-level shifter, RFM22B on breakout board and a SD-card holder:

On the top added: a voltage divider for battery voltage, UBLOX GPS receiver, LM317 for 3,3V (RFM,SD):

This I really love: from bradboard to etched without a hitch:

There will be another chip flying with us: a tiny85 to reset the arduino every 5 minutes or so. It will reinit GPS and rfm and so on. Also it will turn off the photo and video cams to save power after landing.

so long….

Vienna High Altitude Balloon entry #3 RTTY Testing

I have rebuilt Anthony Stirks Interrupt Driven RTTY TX Demo to do it without interrupts 😀
Right now I’m just happy that I made RTTY work, there is still some work to do, like setting transmission power according to flight state (pre-launch, launch and landed). Landed will be especially funky, because it will lower its output power in three stages, then a beeper beeps and leds will light up.

receiving 2


Still to do is a reset circuit, SD-Card saving and the v2 Motherboard.
Thank you OE1HWS for lending me your FT-817!

PS.: The xp on the netbook is there to play Rollercoaster Tycoon, still my second favourite game!

PPS.: The first being Transport Tycoon ;D

Vienna High Altitude Balloon

I’ve been quiet for some time again becaus I became a member of the vieHAB Project. It was started about 4 years ago by Erwin (OE1FEA) but remained dorment for the most of this time. We met at the monthly Metafunk amateur radio meeting where I attended a course to get my ham radio license.
Basically I wanted to do such a project for a long time but never got around doing it. So I jumped the opportunity and became hardware guy. The whole project will be published as OSHW. For our first start vieHAB-1 we will use ready to use modules like an arduino and ublox gps on breakout boards with a backplane.
It is planned to have 2 cams, 2 temperature and preassure sensors, 2m and 70cm radio, GPS and SD-card on board for the first start. I will keep you posted on progress every now and then.