A visit to the Vienna Flak Towers in the Augarten and Esterházypark

Last sunday was the first really beautiful day of the year and so I took the chance to visit the Augarten in Vienna where two towers dominate your view. They were built during 2nd world war to defend central Vienna from air raids.
First lets take a look on the control tower, a square building that used to house the Radar system and has a rectangular base:

Augargen Fire control_1

Standing there feels really intimidating.
Augargen Fire control_2

The Flak (Flug Abwehr Kanone) Towers in Augarten are sealed to prevent entering them as they are not in a good shape, more on that further down.
Augargen Fire control_3

Augargen Fire control_5

Augargen Fire control_4

West side:
Augargen Fire control_6

A birds nest:
Augargen Fire control_7

Time to move on
Augargen Fire control_8

The even bigger Gun tower in the distance:
Augargen Gun_1

In 1946 some kids started a fire in the upper floor where shells for the AA-guns were still stored, luckily they were able to get out but the tower took serious damage lifting its top and cracking the 2,5m thick walls. To prevent disintegration the whole thing is wrapped with steel ropes.
Augargen Gun_2

Augargen Gun_3

Augargen Gun_4

West side:
Augargen Gun_5

Obviously there was at least some use to the tower housing some Antennas:
Augargen Gun_6

Tho they seem very passive there 😀
Augargen Gun_7

Today the Augarten towers are a birds refugium:
Augargen Gun_8

Augargen Gun_9

A few day earlier I took a look at the Esterházy park control tower which has been transformed into an aquatic zoo:

Esterhazypark Fire control_1

I can’t visit its gun tower because its located inside a military base besides the Museumsquartier.
Esterhazypark Fire control_2

On my way back I came across some old docking station, immediately felt like Fallout Vienna 😀
Vienna Fallout

All towers visited are Type 3

Author: User:San Andreas Date: 2 Dec 2006 Description: Different types of german World War II Air-raid shelter. The description on the pictures mean ‘Construction type 1’, ‘Construction type 2’ and ‘Construction type 3’, respectively.

There is a type 2 Gun tower in Arenbergpark which I will visit some later date.

check out the towers locations here:
Control Tower
Gun Tower
Control Tower
Gun Tower
Control Tower
Gun Tower

So long, see you next time