February update

So Folks, its been a while, with little time on my hand and less to spare for the blog there hasn’t been much activity in the last month. This, of course, has to change and so here are some teasers for what to come later this year. Lets start off with a fresh bowl of chips:

hmmmm fresh chips ;D
Then we got a little quiz, what is that:
first to say gets a mention in the vid about it 😀 (model has to be right)

it also has some bad caps that need replacement

and at last we got some fun that can only be released when I finally get my ham license
I should get it in may – hopefully ;D

One last word: testicles

That is all.


I just could not control myself this time: some guy sold these two units on ebay for 1 € and I just could not resist. Now I’m the owner of 3 “SRA Svenska Radio AB CN-504” – and there is alsmost nothing to be found on them. Only one website has some info on them. it says, that it goes from 138 to 179 MHz, so it should be able to work in the 2m amateur radio band.

So now it’s searching for a manual and more important a circuit diagram.
Inside we have a lot of 70ies electronic goodness, there’ll be a video of the inside soon.

your AE

Luxury Junk

I just couldn’t resist bidding on some ebay deal where a guy sold his cellar of HIFI-electronics.
There was /much/ more than shown here. This are the parts, I probably gonna use in some way.

JVC GR-SX9 Video Camera

Some very old (1991) Camcorder, I gotta look into connecting it do the pc to finally get some descent webcam input.

AIWA AD1250 Stereo Cassette Deck

This is some very solid case, it will probably house a synth or a mixer in the future.

Blaupunkt 60W 3 Ohm Car Speakers

Just that, they’ll go into a boom-box.

Premier CB 2000 Citizen Broadcast Radio

This one is interesting because i want to get a ham license in the near future. It does not work atm but I’m on it. the amp on top is known as a “Brenner” (afterburner) or “Oma” (grandmother) here in austria. using such an HF-amp with CB is strictly forbidden. (4W only, 12W with SSB)

Hornyphon 6391 Stereo Amplifier, front face

Hornyphon 6391 Stereo Amplifier, inside

Yeah this one needs some serious cleaning and testing but it could very well become a good mate in the future.

AE EP#34 Heathkit IG-102 RF-Signal Generator

Hi Folks,
After more than a month of video-making abstinence I finally managed to make another one.
It’s about the classic Heathkit IG-102 signal generator. 2 Tubes, the 12AT7 and the 6AN8 make up 4 oscillators (3x RF, 1x internal modulation). Some little hack at the end…

if you need some manuals I probably can help you. I can’t put up any manuals ’cause Heathkit was a little cranky about that sort of thing – so until the situation is clear, just ask.

AE EP#31 Zombiecalypse TV Station

Yeah this means we will have some more TV, when the undead arise!
This is a super simple setup – with only one flaw: under most jurisdictions it is illegal 🙁
But if we replace the Antenna with a wire and a 10 to 100 Megaohm resistor we are all good to go!

So come on Zombies and give me a chance as a program director 😀

The RF-mixer can be found here

The block diagram:

heres to the master: