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So a few days ago my PC just went out and a elyt cap released its magic smoke. Turns out it was the power on circuitry. Dammn! The board wouldn’t power on anymore so I had to suck it up and pay some $$ for a new machine – only problem: my olde xp wouldn’t boot anymore so I couldnt use the old pinnacle video editing software that came with some tv card years ago. Dammnit! But I wanted to put out at least the two RBOC videos I had lined up so I looked for some alternatives that would work on ubuntu. I had tested some of it about 2 years ago and became very frustrated with the state of OSS video editing software. KINO didnt do anything and all the other things I tried wouldn’t desever the alpha state. But now I tried OpenShot. I must say its far from perfect – hell, I couldn’t use it in a day to day basis, but its almost there for me.

Whats Cool: it almost has everything I need. Cutting, titles, two tracs, fadings. thats it. And it can export h264 (if you installed non-free). The video quality is amazing (actually better than my old sw).
What I need: The most important thing is that I would need a waveform display of the audio in the video track. Without it its basically impossible for me to cut the quirks out of my vids. Thats the most important thing. Other than that its just a basic whishlist: double click on the preview makes fullscreen, the arrangment of controls looks unfinished and undesigned, the titles system could be a bit more streamlined. Its just stuff like that.

If the software grows in this direction it could easily become my primary video editing tool. I don’t need fancy transitions or effects just the basics. with this, my whole production process would be OSS completely. So long your AE

PS.: Almost forgot: I need to import from the camera directly, I know many ppl don’t use tapes anymore but I just don’t have the cash for a new cam 😀 and dvgrab is the opposite of workflow…

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    • hmm yeah my problem now is that my pc died and I can’t bring up xp (or any other win) quickly so for now I’m stuck on ubuntu 12.04. I wanted to get something out and tried it – its not there yet – for me at least. I never saw Daves setup page before thanks! Some good insights there.

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