Retrobörse in Vienna 2012

Luckily I had some time last Saturday to visit the Retrobörse Wien 2012. A bunch of vintage enthusiasts and traders gathered at the Freihaus (part of TU-Wien) to chat and trade old computer games, computers and consoles. I really had to restrict myself not to buy some good condition N64 – but what would I do with it? I haven’t got no TV 😀 Entry money was 3 € which I think was okay, many people (like me) were just lurking and the cleaning lady has to be paid too.

Nevertheless I got some fine Pictures, down below some more on a really cool project aiming to get Atari into the 21st century:

My friend Markus playing some good old frogger on a system I didn’t even knew existed: the TI-99:

The one I saw in close-up. If you want to know more visit their austrian user group at

This is one classic mad in my very own country by the “Post” that held a monopoly on postal services in Austria up until the early 2000nds. Sorry folks, I didn’t catch your name. get more info on the Mupid here and here.

Atari 800 XL goodness…

.. in all its glory plus some peripherals.

And now some Atari/cpu/fpga awesomeness:

This board is here to combine vintage goodness with a modern operating system and speed (~246 MHz atm). Doesn’t sound too much eh? Well these Atari’s have been stuck @ ~5 to 40 for almost 2 decades. Still there are enthusiasts out there and I had a lengthy talk with the two guys at the stand. One of them started his own button manufacturing – all designed with native Atari software check out his ebay shop.

The Firebee has some really nice hardware on it like a cyclone III fpga and some nice freescle processor. Visit their site here (WARNING, ONLY CLICK IF YOU HAVE ONE EVENING FREE ;D). It will bring out /all/ important pins – from scsi to the old buses, to interface your 1983 Casio Keyboard or the trusty synth. Remember Homers face, when he saw that super-sweet jelly venus?……

3 thoughts on “Retrobörse in Vienna 2012

  1. Thanks for remembering our chat and giving the ebay link to my button shop.

    btw. I used to write articles for MyAtari

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