Tektronix TAS 250

My newes aquisiton: a defective Tektronix TAS250, the bigger brother of the TAS220

– 50 Mhz max
– 2 channels
– syncs to comosite

2 resistors in the psu have blown and repair is immanent. However, I’d like to do a complete overhau: clean everything, replace fishy caps and, if I can get my hands on the sercive manuals a full calibration. I hope my 2236 will help out with that.
So, new vid on the way….

6 thoughts on “Tektronix TAS 250

    • no unfortunately not, but I am close to the problem, I think at least: the TL081 opamp, that should drive the HV-gen does not deliver a signal, so my search is there for now.

      Please write if you find it, I’ll do the same.


    • hehe same problem here, tried everywhere …
      But in the meantime, I think I found my error: a Tl081 OpAmp in the HV generation section.
      I have a users Manual. Right now I don’t have it in my lab but I can measure stuff inside my unit to help you out in about two weeks…

    • No unfortunately not, I haven’t found any good documentation and this sucker stops doors ever since. But in the meantime my 2236 also died – this one lost its hv winding in the transformer. I’m using a Rigol right now craving some good ol Tek.

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