Vienna High Altitude Balloon entry #4 Board Etched

So first we got the bare board, etched with NaPS and toner transfer:

The whole thing is kinda like a mainboard, processor socket and expansion cards:

Boards in place from left to right: Arduino, SPI-level shifter, RFM22B on breakout board and a SD-card holder:

On the top added: a voltage divider for battery voltage, UBLOX GPS receiver, LM317 for 3,3V (RFM,SD):

This I really love: from bradboard to etched without a hitch:

There will be another chip flying with us: a tiny85 to reset the arduino every 5 minutes or so. It will reinit GPS and rfm and so on. Also it will turn off the photo and video cams to save power after landing.

so long….

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