Vienna High Altitude Balloon entry #3 RTTY Testing

I have rebuilt Anthony Stirks Interrupt Driven RTTY TX Demo to do it without interrupts 😀
Right now I’m just happy that I made RTTY work, there is still some work to do, like setting transmission power according to flight state (pre-launch, launch and landed). Landed will be especially funky, because it will lower its output power in three stages, then a beeper beeps and leds will light up.

receiving 2


Still to do is a reset circuit, SD-Card saving and the v2 Motherboard.
Thank you OE1HWS for lending me your FT-817!

PS.: The xp on the netbook is there to play Rollercoaster Tycoon, still my second favourite game!

PPS.: The first being Transport Tycoon ;D

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