AE EP#7 Heathkit V-7A VTVM Voltmeter

This is a little vid about the classic Heathkit V-7A, predecessor of the Heathkit models IM-11 and IM-18. They all had an almost identical Circuit and were manufactured from the 50tier until the early 80ties. I am doing some little repairs on faults that came from a leaky batter and show how to measure with it.

some more info here: and on Jogis Röhrenbude you can find the manual:

2 thoughts on “AE EP#7 Heathkit V-7A VTVM Voltmeter

  1. My name is nelson guimaraes Electronic Student Residing in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, won the VTVM-Heathkit V7A-it even needs the Galvanometer, would like to request a special assistance in this direction, or a place to settle for the more problem.If the time with my very grateful for this you have one in good condition please make a special price.

    • Hi,
      If I understand you correctly, you want to get a decent, but worthy multimeter? When Price is the most important thing I would advice to get a Uni-T one, they are not top-top-of-the-line but work great for their price. If you have the time you should look out for a second-hand fluke multimeter. Getting a VTVM as your standard multimeter to do work does not make much sense because the tubes and transformers tend to fail at some point and need replacement.

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