AE EP#6 Trafo Testbench

I had the need to test some transformers and didn’t like the idea of dealing with blank line voltages. The solution was a protective circuit with two relays closing their contacts only, when an acryllic case is closed.

Circuit diargam will follow.

4 thoughts on “AE EP#6 Trafo Testbench

  1. Very nice and very pratical
    Great a blog
    I want winding SMPS supply’ transformers coil what you think about this idea?
    Also I want add your videos to my blog (with translate to Turkish).
    if you allow
    Regards from Turkey

    • Thank you!
      Well sure do it! but make calculations first 🙂 and please let me know how it turned out. In my first experiments I found old cores from PC-PSUs very useful (they cost virtually nothing and one has probably 5 defective ones sitting in the lab already). Just be sure to follow safety rules and do not mess with line voltage at first.

      I think I’m okay with that as long, as you put a link back here next to the videos.


  2. Dear Claudio
    Thank you for your reply and your permission too.
    I want tell myself,I am 49 years old ,I am amateur electronic techician, my education is physics engineering.
    I know formulas about SMPS transformers/coils and Also I was read some pdf files about core and transformers
    I have some ideas about blog owners and electronics technicians .I hope I will describe to you in future.
    Meanwhile ,my english is not fluent but I have some english translator friends..
    So you must be sure your english videos translate best translation to Turkish 🙂

    • Ah okay, so you did not need the warning then 🙂
      I can’t wait to hear about that.
      My english is not too good as well but its the language most people can communicate with. If anything is unclear with translating, just write to me.


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