AE EP#44 Simple Electronic Dummy Load

Several years ago Dave Jones posted a vid about a very simple current sink and I wasn’t too successful replicating it then on prototyping board and went on to make one a little different. lately I wanted to go back and do it properly this time to test the mini-psu’s and the sources on my broken Tektronix 2236. I think it became a neat little build and plan to expand on it putting it into the multi module case with some atmega and 7-segment displays. Here is the vid:

A zip file containing everything is here: DC_load

The rendering of the Design…
…and the real version:

whoop whoop

AE EP#42 Selfmade PCBs – My Way

Finally I took matters to to an end and got me a new laminator since the one I had before was /way/ too big for my new flat. It has two heated drums which is important to have an even heating and so prevent warping. Of course this does not prevent it altogether (2 materials) but it is way better than the one heated drum before.

The thing is called Peach PL713 but its not available on amazon right now (only the peach “photo”). So mybe you can find one just as cheaply at your local office supplies store. For Etching I use sodium persulfate With 100g per 500 ml (go metric! :D). Have fun and see you next time!