C1-94 BNC Adapter

So my Tek 2236 grew some problems in the Display control section. Luckily I stumbled across a Russian C1-.94 (speak S1-94) with some DIN-5 Plug for input. I asked the guys on Fingers’ Forum for help and voilà some parts out of the grab box and my adapter is ready:

Here I still ha a little GND connection problem, fixed now (the C1-94 is floating atm, I’ll replace the old calble asap)

Thanks again shpank, Henning and Reutron!


I just could not control myself this time: some guy sold these two units on ebay for 1 € and I just could not resist. Now I’m the owner of 3 “SRA Svenska Radio AB CN-504” – and there is alsmost nothing to be found on them. Only one website has some info on them. it says, that it goes from 138 to 179 MHz, so it should be able to work in the 2m amateur radio band.

So now it’s searching for a manual and more important a circuit diagram.
Inside we have a lot of 70ies electronic goodness, there’ll be a video of the inside soon.

your AE