AE EP#35 Hornyphon hifi sound project 6391

I bought some guys electronic stuff off ebay and this was amp was part of that.
in this you see some basic cleaning and me failing in installing a new backlight to the VU-meters.

This unit is the Hornyphon hifi sound project 6391. It was also known as the Philips SX6391 or the DUX 6391.

nothing too special but I am now using this as my primary PC amp.

A big thanks to for some basic info on this!

Also some pics for the ride:

Hornyphon 6391 Stereo Amplifier, inside

Hornyphon 6391 Stereo Amplifier, front face

Live long and Prosper!

Luxury Junk

I just couldn’t resist bidding on some ebay deal where a guy sold his cellar of HIFI-electronics.
There was /much/ more than shown here. This are the parts, I probably gonna use in some way.

JVC GR-SX9 Video Camera

Some very old (1991) Camcorder, I gotta look into connecting it do the pc to finally get some descent webcam input.

AIWA AD1250 Stereo Cassette Deck

This is some very solid case, it will probably house a synth or a mixer in the future.

Blaupunkt 60W 3 Ohm Car Speakers

Just that, they’ll go into a boom-box.

Premier CB 2000 Citizen Broadcast Radio

This one is interesting because i want to get a ham license in the near future. It does not work atm but I’m on it. the amp on top is known as a “Brenner” (afterburner) or “Oma” (grandmother) here in austria. using such an HF-amp with CB is strictly forbidden. (4W only, 12W with SSB)

Hornyphon 6391 Stereo Amplifier, front face

Hornyphon 6391 Stereo Amplifier, inside

Yeah this one needs some serious cleaning and testing but it could very well become a good mate in the future.