Repairing a Vintage SABA 963 stereo sound-system

I got this classic radio/sound system from a friend with the words:”maybe you can use its parts”. But I wanted to preserve this nice system from 1976, took it apart and its problems were easy to fix. It has some nice full sound but is not a “classic” system. The original speakers were unfortunately missing but I had some sitting around. So keep in mind not to trash anything that maybe proofs useful in the future 😀

mono lab audio amp

With my last order from I got a GDR amplifier board for € 1,95. This thing is using the A210K chip as its main component and was widley used in GDR-Consumer electronics like radios, phonographs, TV-sets and so on. I used it to build a little signal amp to make waveforms hearable. Here a direct link to it: