Vienna High Altitude Balloon

I’ve been quiet for some time again becaus I became a member of the vieHAB Project. It was started about 4 years ago by Erwin (OE1FEA) but remained dorment for the most of this time. We met at the monthly Metafunk amateur radio meeting where I attended a course to get my ham radio license.
Basically I wanted to do such a project for a long time but never got around doing it. So I jumped the opportunity and became hardware guy. The whole project will be published as OSHW. For our first start vieHAB-1 we will use ready to use modules like an arduino and ublox gps on breakout boards with a backplane.
It is planned to have 2 cams, 2 temperature and preassure sensors, 2m and 70cm radio, GPS and SD-card on board for the first start. I will keep you posted on progress every now and then.

555 contest fup && thank you

I got really lucky with my 555 contest entry this spring because after all the winners claimed their prizes I got an email from chris saying that I will receive the Xilinx SP601 fpga-kit. Wooooohoooooo!

So after some I received the box and wanted to say thanks to all you guys involved and especially Xilinx for giving out such a cool thing.

On a side note: I didn’t know how costly international shipping was until I received the board. 46 € to get a kilo from the US to Europe + 12 € import toll. Really, individual shipping is very expensive. This makes me even more jealous of you US guys with your tons and tons of surplus hardware you have.

Anyway thanks to all of you and I hope there will be a new electronic design contest next year.