AE EP#23 AVR DDS Function Generator

While exploring the different methods of generating some waveform I stumbeled on an old project of mine that has been shelved for almost a year because it would not work no matter what I tried. So I got out, redesigned the pcb, soldered new components and wasted 4 hours tracking down some trace issues. But in the end I had a working DDS function generator based on this simple but effective design:

AE EP#20 Industrial Controller Teardown & Homebrew Scope Ideas

Hi, I just started a dream project: Building an oscilloscope from scratch. Originally I wanted to use a russian 13LO37I but it turend out to be too bulky so I went and scored a waaay smaller 3KP1 / DG 7-113 from ebay.
I’ll put up a high res Photo of the tubes weiring system at my website.

One of the first portable TV-sets:

The DG 7-113 / 3KP1’s wiring system:

The russians 13LO37I / 13ЛО4И:

I found the first plans at Jogis Röhrenbude: